Presentation of the project Improvement of administrative efficiency on national level

ZAGREB, 28 Februray 2012 - The European Union Information Centre in Zagreb, held a ceremonial presentation of the project administriativne Improving efficiency at the national level, (Eng. 'Improvement of Administrative Efficiency on National Level').


The project is part of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness 2007-2011 which is funded by the European Union pre-accession funds (IPA Regional Competitiveness IIIC) with co-financing Croatian state budget. Implementation of the project, worth € 1,328,496 was started in early July 2011. and will last 24 months. The project implemented by an international consortium headed by ACE International Consultants SL from Spain.


The overall objective is to improve the effectiveness of support by the Ministry of business and trade sector of small businesses in Croatia and to create tools that will enhance policy measures and development of small businesses, said the minister of business and trade Gordan Maras. He stressed that the Croatian Government is preparing a new plan for the promotion and development of SMEs in the Republic of Croatia, and the results of this project will greatly contribute to better quality and more effective implementation of this plan. Will be strengthened capacity of the Ministry of business and trade as a key policy-makers of small economies. Also, will strengthen the capacities of the Croatian Agency for Small Businesses. Since it is of major importance will be provided as a continuous assessment of the business environment for SMEs and assessing the need for improvement. Gaining the necessary tools to measure the effects of aid, will create the preconditions for their effective use. The final result will allow the creation of sustainable growth and učvršićvanje role of SMEs as an important part of the overall economy, the minister concluded.


Team Leader, Robert McKean, presented a concrete project activities. Croatia will get the system to recognize the needs of small business and the tools for creating a positive business climate. The most important parts of this system are: improving support for the registry, the methodology for assessing the impact of aid, the methodology for assessing the business climate and economy of a small observatory that will allow greater insight into business performance of entrepreneurs.


Vandoren The Ambassador stressed the positive effects arising from a well-planned and well implemented measures to encourage entrepreneurship in the European Union. The shifts are visible in the simplification of administrative procedures, access to funding, participation in government procurement and other improvements in an entrepreneurial environment. The Ambassador stressed the importance of good inter-departmental coordination and clear division of responsibilities in the national administration. Support the preparation of development strategies of the entrepreneurial sector, which should contribute to strengthening the sector and facilitate the adaptation of undertakings to enter the EU single market.


This project will strengthen the support system to small businesses in Croatia and will improve the business environment which will ultimately contribute to overall economic development and increasing competitiveness in the international arena.