Priority Axis 1 - Development of lagging behind regions

Under this axis exists one single operation – named “Business related infrastructure” which supports all types of projects that serve to improve the business infrastructure. Projects could be for example:

WHAT: Possible activities
  • Preparatory architectural and engineering design;
  • Site clearance and development;
  • Construction monitoring and control;
  • Development of business-related basic communal infrastructure within established business zones: access roads, gas, water and waste water, sewage, electricity, energy and communication networks, landscaping, etc.;
  • Establishment and development of regional business support institutions grouping and directly servicing SMEs, such as business zones, economic zones, business incubators, innovation and technology transfer centres, etc. through
    a) purchase of machinery and equipment and
    b) broadening and improving the quality of services (information network, provision of complex physical services, e.g. maintenance, property protection, disposal and utilisation of waste);
  • Development and improvement of public tourism-related infrastructure, including through infrastructure and capital investments and "soft" investments into improved service delivery;
  • Provision of support services designed to maximise the benefit of the investment.

  • Regional and local self-government units
  • Regional/local-owned public institutions or associations, public companies owned by self-government authorities
  • Regional/local tourism boards

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