Priority Axis 2 - Improvement of Business Climate

Measure 2.1. Improvement of Business Climate

Operation 2.1.1. Improvement of administrative efficiency on national level

WHAT: Possible activities

  • provide assistance to beneficiaries and will deliver analyses, assessments, methodologies, recommendations, as well as set up of central register of SME measures and incentives.
  • Recipients of assistance from contracts envisaged in this Operation are Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts and other relevant national level policy making bodies - Croatian Agency for Small Enterprises, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, etc
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Operation 2.1.2. e-Business competitiveness improvement programme

WHAT: Possible activities
  • training of staff in selected SME Support Centres in the provision of basic e-business services to SMEs;
  • provision of necessary supplies to selected SME Support Centres to establish basic e-business advisory services.
  • Recipients of assistance and investments from contracts envisaged under this Operation are selected SME support centers and their partners - local and regional entrepreneurial and education institutions assisting in the setting up of e- business centers.
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Operation 2.1.3. Provision of advisory services to SMEs

WHAT: Possible activities
  • Consultancy related to introduction of TQM system,
  • Consultancy targeted at quality-consciousness and quality development in-company etc
  • Marketing, business development and sales consultancy related to establishment of domestic and international sales channels
  • Assessment of the consequences of the EU accession for businesses, European enterprise development opportunities, preparation for EU requirements,
  • Analysis of market and competitive position,
  • Management and marketing consultancy,
  • Product development consultancy,
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
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Operation 2.1.4. Development of investment climate

WHAT: Possible activities
  • Design and delivery of training workshops and materials
  • Consultancy support to achieve the standards
  • Cost of preparing regional sector studies
  • Cost of promotional materials (web site, investors guide, sector study publication, etc.)
  • Recipients of assistance under the contract envisaged under this Operation are self-government authorities of selected regions (made up of several counties) and their partners such as regional development agencies, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency and others.
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Operation 2.1.5. Support for cluster development

WHAT: Possible activities
  • Preparatory feasibility studies, strategic plan preparation and other consultancy services,
  • Technical assistance and training to facilitate the establishment of the selected cluster projects,
  • Evaluation of limited number of pilot cluster projects to draw lessons for future cluster development.
Recipients of assistance under the contract envisaged by this Operation are MELE and members of selected pilot clusters (maximum three pilot clusters):
  • SME's
  • SME / business support institutions (RDA etc.)
  • R&D institutions
  • Chambers
  • Regional self government authorities
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Operation 2.1.6. Grant scheme "Support  to increasing competitiveness of the Croatian small and medium business"

WHAT: Possible activities  

  • Introduction of international eco-standards
  • Introduction of energy efficient technologies in production processes
  • Application of best practices for easier development of new competitive products


  • Small and medium businesses

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Operation 2.1.7. Improvement of information of Croatian business community - BIZImpact II


 WHAT: Possible activities  

  • Updating and modifying of Impact Assessment Methodology ;
  • Development of the manual for economic ipact assessment in compliance with Regulatory Impact Assessment 
  • Training and development of economic impact assessment procedures
  • Review of best practices of efficient consulting tools for economic impact assessment
  • Increasing of level of consciousness, imeplementation of test panels, development od new mini.guides on relevant legal framework for small and medium businesses


  • Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts
  • Croatian Agency for SMEs and Investments (HAMAG INVEST)
  • Croatian Chamberof Commerce (HGK)
  • Croatian Chamber of Crafts (HOK)
  • Croatian Emplyers' Association (HUP)
  • Small and medium businesses

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