Priority Axis 3 - Technical Assistance

Measure 3.1. Operational programme management and capacity building  

The Measure 3.1. "Technical Assistance" under the Priority Axis 3 is managed by the Ministry of Economy. Technical Assistance (TA) will provide professional technical support in the management of the programme, helping potential beneficiaries, providing training courses and workshops, and building visibility. Two Operations under this measure are presented.


Operation 3.1.1. TA related to horizontal OP management issues

Operation 3.1.2. Development of sector studies, preparation of future programming documents and accompanying project pipelines


Type of support provided through TA:

  • Consultancy support (including advice and training) to the RCOP Operating Structure regarding any aspect of management, monitoring, evaluation, visibility, publicity and control, including grant scheme management and procurement (e.g. fees for expert assessors and evaluators of project applications);
  • Support with the preparation of sector studies and future programming documents
  • Identification and preparation of project pipeline under future OPs covering regional competitiveness;
  • Development of the monitoring arrangements and the Management Information System;
  • Costs of external evaluators engaged for interim and ongoing evaluations;
  • Preparation and implementation of information and publicity activities;
  • Expenditure related to the organization and administration of meetings of the Sectoral Monitoring Committee and Project Selection Committees;
  • Provision of translation and interpretation services;
  • Preparation of programming documents and project pipeline for the future Operational Programme.



  • RCOP Operating Structure
  • Members of Sectoral monitoring committee
  • Project selection committee
  • Partnership consultation groups
  • Regional and local self-government


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