Implementation of  Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme is the beginning of a process that will establish a long-term basis for the use of the EU pre-accession aid, but also EU assistance after the accession. Most operations i.e. projects of the Programme is intended for institutional actors, both at the national and regional level, such as the project Strengthening administrative capacity at the national level, However, all the projects have the same goal in the end - to strengthen competitiveness of Croatian economy, with some individual projects being directly aimed at entrepreneurs themselves.

SMEs will directly benefit from funds that will finance grant schemes under the project Strengthening the competitiveness of Croatian SMEs. This grant scheme will provide necessary funds to entrepreneurs who wish to invest in energy efficient production processes, introduction of ecological standards and application of best practice in order to produce more competitive products. SMEs will also benefit from e-business development through the project Improvement of Business Competitiveness through E-business Services. Entrepreneurs, especially in areas of special state concern, will participate in trainings aimed at e-business improvement that will be held in local centres for entrepreneurship that will participate in the programme and strengthen its capacity to deliver high quality and comprehensive training for e-business to entrepreneurs.

Business consulting of entrepreneurs has been recognized as an important and indispensable condition for a successful business performance. Therefore, through the Operation Provision of Advisory Services to SMEs the OP will provide a thorough and comprehensive advisory services in the areas necessary for the successful operation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in international markets and their painless adaptation to the common EU market. Through continuous work and training of entrepreneurs on ways, conditions and possibilities of using European funds an additional benefit of this activity is visible, which will help entrepreneurs in applying for EU funds after the accession of Croatia to the European Union.

In addition to these two operations, which will directly help SMEs, all other operations of the second Priority will contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial climate. The Project Investment Environment Development will promote the creation of a positive climate for investment in Croatia and will provide support in the implementation of investment activities, while the project Clusters Development Support will uphold the establishment of three selected pilot clusters in order to improve the ability of SMEs to achieve international competitiveness. Finally, the project Improving Information of the Croatian Business Community - BIZ Impact II will endeavour to promote the further development of the capacity of policy makers and business organizations to better identify, analyze and communicate the future impacts to key regulatory areas for doing business in Croatia.