Research and Developement

 Funds of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme Priority 2: Strengthening the Competitiveness of the Croatian economy, Measure 2.2: Technology transfer and Support for Services for Knowledge-based Start-ups, are intended to raise the competitiveness of the Croatian economy by improving conditions for the development of innovation and collaboration with business sector through support to public higher education institutions and research organizations. This creates conditions for the implementation of innovative and advanced technologies in business which is the foundation for sustainable economic growth. Technology transfer is a key activity of enterprises based on knowledge and innovation, and includes commercialization of scientific research results, allowing thus research organizations to be directly linked to the economy. 

Operation 2.2.1. Science and Innovation Investment Fund is intended to achieve exactly that goal – promotion of technology transfer. A grant scheme will fund the development of capacities of public universities and public research organizations for collaboration with businesses entities, as well as commercialization of research activities. In this way, beside technical assistance, higher education institutions and public research organizations will be provided with grants to develop the necessary capacity for the establishment of cooperation with business entities, as well as improving collaboration between science and industry as a whole. Total value of this operation is about HRK 90 million.

Operation 2.2.2. Incubation Center for Bioscience and Technology Commercialization (BIOCentar) is a project aimed at supporting the creation and development of spin-offs based on technology and knowledge and stemming from public research organizations and higher education institutions. Through the provision of necessary infrastructure and access to technology and business development services, all the necessary conditions for doing business will be provided to small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of bioscience and biotechnology. It is an incubation center area of ​​about 4500 square meters, the first center of this kind in the Republic of Croatia and unique project in the region, of a total value of about HRK 140 million, which will be located within the campus of the University of Zagreb in Borongaj.

Operation 2.2.3. Ensuring GPU as a Resource in the Field of Advanced Computing is intended to provide easier access to the new computing infrastructure and resources. GPU supply - GPU computing nodes and integration into the existing Croatian National Grid Infrastructure (CRO NGI) will significantly improve research and development and enable better cooperation of the scientific community and the economy in joint research projects. The infrastructure will be used by the academic community and researchers, small and medium-sized enterprises based on knowledge, but also in other specific structures of economy, allowing them to thus improve their competitiveness, productivity and efficiency at the local, regional and global markets.