BioCentre foundation stone laid

 Zagreb, 21 November 2012 in the University of Zagreb Campus the foundation stone of the future Incubation Centre for Biosciences and technology comercialisation – BioCentre has been formally laid. The BioCentre project is implemented within the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme funded by the IPA funds.

The event started at 13:00 with the speech of the Minister of Science, Education and Sports, Željko Jovanović, PhD, followed by the speeches given by the Vice-president and Minister of Regional Development and EU funds, Branko Grčić, PhD, director of BICRO, Hrvoje Meštrić, PhD, and Head of the IPA Department for accession negotiations in the European Commission, Elena Grech. After the introductory part, the invitees moved to the nearby building site where the foundation stone has been laid.

The Incubation Centre for Biosciences and technology comercialisation – BioCentre is an investment worth 18.823.995,70 eura (about 140 million kunas) which is within the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports' competence with BICRO being the final beneficiary of the project.
BioCenter will draw significant resources from the RCOP funds, exactly, 16.376.410,70 euros out of which 13.919.949,00 euros (85%) comes from IPA funds. The project will be realized through 4 contracts: works contract, monitoring of the works contract, technical assistance contract that will serve to define the portfolio and services of BioCentre and capacity building of the staff in charge of future activities and supply contract serving to supply the laboratories with necessary equipment. The body in charge of public procurement processes is Central Financing and Contracting Agency.

BioCenter is the first center of its kind in Croatia but also a unique project in the region. It is a 4500 square meters big building that unites a central laboratory, reference laboratories and office space. Theproject is focused on providing support to the creation and growth of spin-off companies grown out of public scientific institutions and higher education institutions based on technology and knowledge. The aim of the project is to ensure conditions for doing business to small and medium enetrprises in the field of biosciences and technology through infrastructure and access to services of technology and business development.