11th Sectoral Monitoring Committee meeting

On 22 November 2012, the 11th meeting of the Sectoral Monitoring Committee (SMC) for Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme was held in Zagreb. The implementation of RCOP is monitored by the Committee composed of representatives of relevant ministries, partner institutions, civil society, socio-economic partners and regional and local self government units. The meeting is co-chaired by the representatives of RCOP Directorate and DG Regional policy and was attended by 50 members that discussed the current status of RCOP implementation with emphasis on the absorption of funds in 2012.

A few words were said about the plans for 2013, accreditation process and Structural instruments that will replace IPA after the Croatian accession to the EU.
Ms. Elena Grech from DG Regional Policy that co-chairs the Committee expressed her satisfaction with the actual absorption of the RCOP funds and also with the beginning of works and  the laying of the foundation stone of the future Biosciences and Technology Commercialisation Incubation Centre – BioCenter. During the meeting a short video about the BioCenter project was shown and presentations of other, successfull projects were given.